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Aaron Marlatt

Aaron Marlatt, about 2 hours ago

A huge shout out to all the student, parent and community volunteers who helped work the tournament this weekend. You made our annual JH tournament a huge success once again. Couldn’t have done it without all of you! Also a huge shout out to those who made desserts for the hospitality room. (If I left anyone out I apologize in advance! Been a LONG week!)

Terri Hopper

Terri Hopper, about 13 hours ago

Join us for a Trojan fly-in (paper airplanes, that is) today at the Sharon-Mutual Junior High Tournament (going on right now!!!) between the girls' and boys' championship games. We'll furnish the paper as you come in the gate, and you design your best flying paper airplane to enter in the Trojan fly-in competition. All entries are $1.00 and all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. We will award $10 Sonic gift cards in each age category - - Little Players (up thru grade 2), Up and Coming Players (grades 3-8), Been there and doing that Players (grades 9-12), Been there and done that Players (adults only). Come join in on the fun!

Aaron Marlatt

Aaron Marlatt, 1 day ago

There will be no basketball games at SM tonight. We will work to find a makeup date.

Aaron Marlatt

Aaron Marlatt, 2 days ago

Due to weather cancelations today, SM JH tournament for Saturday, Jan 18 is as follows via photos: Thanks for your understanding!

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